Memoirs of A Geisha, The Story

Chiyo Sakamoto (Suzuka Ohgo), a young girl from a poverty stricken fishing village, is sold along with her older sister Satsu (Samantha Futerman) into a life of servitude by her aging father. Chiyo is taken in by Mrs. Kayoko Nitta (Kaori Momoi), the Mother (proprietress) of a geisha house in Gion, one of the most prominent geisha districts in Kyoto, whereas Satsu is sold to a prostitution brothel.

At the okiya, Chiyo meets another young girl named Pumpkin (Youki Kudoh), the cranky Granny (Kotoko Kawamura), and the okiya's only working geisha, Hatsumomo (Gong Li) who is famous for her breathtaking beauty. Chiyo soon discovers Hatsumomo is secretly a cruel and jealous woman that views Chiyo as a potential rival due to her striking bluish-gray eyes, along with being a change in Mother's future financial dependence. Hatsumomo then goes out of her way to deliberately make Chiyo's new life miserable by having her take the blame for everything and intentionally withholding information of her sister's whereabouts in the pleasure district. However, Auntie (Tsai Chin) is aware of this and warns Chiyo against trusting and angering Hatsumomo, given her history with the ill-mannered geisha.

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Chiyo with her sister Chiyo running When Chiyo meats Chairman when she was a child Chiyo adult Chiyo learning with Mameha how to become a Geisha Chiyo with Mameha and Hatsumomo Chiyo transformed into Sayuri image of first big performance as Sayuri Sayuri with Nobu Chiyo dancing with fans Sayuri with a japanese umbrella in the garden, beautiful woman Sayuri with Chairman final love scene