The goal of this typesetting project was to choose the best fonts to express the meaning and tone of our text.

Without a doubt, the use of images enables the way we communicate, so this challenge was much bigger as we had to communicate just by choosing different fonts, colours and font-sizes.

Typeface Selection

I chose this song because it has made part of a especial time of my life. It has a particular meaning of sadness, cry for help and acceptance of needing someone. So what I tried to express with the different typefaces were the distinct messages this lyric has for me. Each typeface represents a tone, either whispering directly to someone, which I represented with the Parisienne typeface. Or as for example, the cry of pain, using Cinzel Decorative.

Colour Selection

Tha lack of colours is due to the sadness that the song creates. Using the black colour, the main intention is to remind loneliness and fear. The brighter colours that are used, white and red, represent the clarity and pureness of the message and at the same time the passion and love of finding out you still love someone. The grey colour meaning the stability and balance to have someone that lifts you when you need.

At last but not least, this is my suggestion:

  • The Song: Helium by Sia