Chefs Knife

A stainless steel long chefs knife

For me, as I love cooking one of the most important kitchen utensils is a knife and I always prefer a chefs knife. This cutting tool is essential in food preparation, and because of its importance, it is always each one's preferences that dictate the choice. Buying a good knife is an investment so there are some characteristics you should be aware of:

  • Good quality with great durability
  • Great handling and resistance

My preferences go to a medium size knife in stainless steel, the cable should be comfortable and fit right into my hand. I tend to choose good quality with optimal balance: with equivalent weight on the blade and cable. The main reason to take balance into account is that a balanced knife makes every cut easier and requires less effort. At last but not least we must pay a special attention to the thickness and softness of the blade, and the cutting wire should run through its entire length from tip to handle.